About us

About us

A fancy logo, world class graphics, a website with highest traffic, internet marketing of your product & company, an app that gets viral and enters every smart phone, and a site visible on the first page of google, bing or any other search engine…this is no dream but any business with internet presence wants this, but if you are entirely new to this field it might seems strange, confusing and too much to take in the first glimpse of a website, isn’t it???

Quite justified and so we are, to help you through every problem you face in making your presence effective online.

Just like you, we “Grafix” and so are we, a never ending stream of solutions to your problems cascading each and every aspect of IT solutions right from creating your website or mobile app from  scratch to making it the most visible always, promoting it with the best.

  • Oh, You are curious to know the “we”?

We are a dedicated team of young, unbeatable, passionate technocrats who work with the core objective of excelling in the field of technology. We are well equipped with all the existing trends in the world of internet and don’t leave any loop as we keep updating ourselves with the latest.

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